When Do We Change The Clocks Back

You are here because you likely want to know when to change the clocks. To some this is a huge event that happens twice a year in March when we change to clocks forward and again in November when we change the clocks back. To some changing the clocks is like a holiday maybe even some have a party to celebrate this who knows. But to others it is a chore or can be confusing that 1 hour forward or 1 hour back results in an extra hour of sleep or in some cases an hour of sleep lost. For me to remember whether to move the clocks forward or back I remember these sayings, Spring Forward (For moving the clocks ahead one hour in the spring time) this results in an hour of lost sleep but more daylight in the evening. Fall Back (For moving the clocks back one hour in the Fall / Autumn) this results in an extra hour of sleep but also makes it darker earlier in the late afternoon / early evening. Some people want to do away with changing the clocks altogether well others think this is a great idea. This has been debated for a long time but this site is not really here to debate changing the clocks but rather to give you the proper times and dates to actually change the clocks. Without the knowledge of the dates and times to make these one hour times changes and a site like this to remind you when in 2020 you should be changing the clocks how are you supposed to remember something like this? Not only is changing the clocks in and of itself difficult enough but imagine not even having the dates and times in from of you to change the clocks forward or back? Now wouldn't that be ridiculous?

When Do We Change The Clocks Forward

Maybe this year you want to have a change the clocks party at your house or maybe you are going to a party for changing the clocks or maybe you want to plan one or take this year as a practice year changing the clocks on your own in an effort to get used to doing it so that next year you are very good at changing the clocks and can then have a changing the clocks party. Maybe you want to order food or go out for dinner and you want to be home early or maybe you want to be home late? Well then it becomes important to remember to change the clocks on the correct day doesn't it? Some of you might have a big meeting or date or event the next day imagine showing up an hour late or an hour early simply because you had no idea it was finally the day to spring forward or fall back and change the clock? Maybe you kids enjoy the day that comes only twice a year the day in which you can finally say this is the day I accomplish changing the clock forward or changing the clocks back. Well no matter you reason or reasoning for caring for this twice a year ritual the important thing is you have the dates now and it up to you to change the clocks on the correct date and time this year.

Fall Back

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Spring Foward

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